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  • Bob & Nelda Sedlacek
    #1 written by Bob & Nelda Sedlacek 4 year ago years ago

    After 24 years, 460,000 miles including 11 trips to Alaska on our Beaver Marquis motorhomes we have come up with a few things that really work for us. Reading your tech tips in the September 2012 Trail Blazer brought to mind two that work well for us.

    Alternators, carry spare, we have not only had to use it on our own coach but have also bailed out our traveling companions on more than one occasion.

    Bed liner, nothing works better on the front of a coach traveling the Akcan. This beats everything else we’ve seen tried . Apply the spray coat bed liner, paint and no one even know it’s there until they get up close.


  • Kerri Elders
    #2 written by Kerri Elders 4 year ago years ago

    Hi, Bob and Nelda–

    GREAT tips; thanks for posting these. No one really understands how important “little” parts like alternators are until you’re really out in the wilderness.

    Congratulations to you for your Alaska trips; that must be a record, given how rough we’ve always heard those roads are. Sprayed-on bedliner’s a brilliant solution. Just curious–what time of year do you plan your trips, how long do you stay, and what’s your average mileage/day?

    Paul & Kerri

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